Nirmedia Real Cases

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Before, we only published some of the client logos we work with, but this practice is so widespread that in the end it does not say much about how far the client got with our management and work.

Let’s be clear, the logos look nice, but an explanation of the Case deepens and brings security, dissipating all the potential smokescreen.

In each project we apply the formula:

{Vision – Planning – Execution – Profitability}.



This group is one of the tourism giants of the Digital scene with delegations in 31 countries.

In two years of work, we tripled organic traffic to record levels for the company, we have consistently doubled the number of TOPs in Google Spain, within a sector as competitive as Travel.

We have achieved this thanks to a very measured and detailed work of segmented Link Building (link building with an exhaustive analysis of the media chosen in the sector).

This is the evolution of organic visibility with us:

And here we can appreciate the evolution of its TOPs in Google Spain:


The French multinational dedicated to insurance and asset management and present in more than 55 countries trusted us a few years ago for the SEO Positioning of its Travel Insurance.

They attacked only generic keywords and we discovered great potential, at the search level and final conversion rate, in the terms insurance + country, travel insurance + country, medical insurance + country.

We are trained on the product and developed a group of points to take into account and recommendations based on each target country, with a format that united Blog and Landing Page focused on final sales.

Given the authority in the sector of the AXA Assistance brand, in a very short time we were able to position ourselves TOP 3 in Google for practically all the destinations we were working on, thus achieving not only an exponential growth in visibility, but also, and consequently, an exponential growth of the number of clients through the Digital channel.


Leading ecommerce in the sale of beverages and gourmet food.

I came to Nirmedia a few years ago and we began to work on SEO Positioning to grow in Spain, we became leaders and expanded sales to other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy or Germany.

We currently sell natively to more than 20 countries where we continue to work on SEO Positioning continuously to maintain leadership and continue to grow.

This is the evolution in organic visibility with us:

In addition, we develop all the Digital legs such as Email Marketing, Online Communication and Reputation, campaigns with brands, etc.


Our experience in the Optical sector began a few years ago with the signature (through a third party) of GranOptic, an online optician that arrived with minimal sales and that with work and effort became a national leader and one of the players. strongest in Europe.

However, after a while we decided to end our business relationship with this third company and it was at that time that we signed with Óptica Óptima.

A good SEO development and the knowledge acquired by years of work in the sector have made us become leaders in organic visibility, being TOPs for terms such as:

  • gafas de sol + principales marcas
  • gafas graduadas + principales marcas
  • términos genéricos como: óptica online, comprar gafas de sol, gafas online, lentillas online.

We currently move more than 12k TOPs only in Spain. And in addition, we develop together with the great internal team of the brand, the management of Social Networks, Email Marketing and SMS campaigns, campaigns with Influencers and other channels.


Valencian company with great national and European scope dedicated to the manufacture of security equipment for businesses and shops. Its teams are present in more than 20,000 establishments.

The work was punctual, we did an analysis of target search terms, and a complete SEO re-optimization of the website to adapt the Landing Pages to the main focuses of the Market. In a short time we managed to be leaders in Google search pages for terms such as:

  • sistema antihurto
  • alarmas para negocios
  • alarmas para ropa
  • etiquetas antihurto
  • antenas antihurto
  • alarmas para comercios

And so on for more than 180 flagship products. These TOPs do not remain on the paper of a report, they translate into calls, business meetings and hires.